One Of The Most Beautiful iPhone Games Ever Will Have The Third Chapter

One Of The Most Beautiful iPhone Games Ever Will Have The Third Chapter

The App Store is characterized by having some of the best and most beautiful games for mobile devices and one of the best-known sagas will release the third episode shortly. It’s about Monument Valley, that puzzle game in which perspective changes everything.

The first Monument Valley came to iOS in 2014 with mechanics never seen and with exquisite care for the design. Just years ago its developer brought us the second part, just as beautiful and with new puzzles and characters.

Today the game developer announced that they are already working on Monument Valley 3 and the studio is looking for a creative director for the new project. Which makes us think that it is still at an early stage of its design.

Monument Valley, a different game

Monument Valley has always opted for a particular strategy, both versions do not follow the fashionable strategy of free games full of micropayments. The previous two games are paid and are not exactly cheap, however, they are worth every penny spent.

Monument Valley 2 was announced and launched at the same time by surprise, however, with the third installment, we will have to wait a little longer. Having such a careful design and well-thought-out puzzles, its development is not simple and will take several months so we do not expect Monument Valley 3 to arrive this year.

The developer has also announced that she is working on multiple “high profile titles”, so it seems that the study has more titles planned. In addition, Ustwo is among the initial group of developers who contribute with Apple Arcade, so in September we could see more surprises.

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