Our Recommended Game And App Of The Week Are TEPPEN And Forest

Our Recommended Game And App Of The Week Are TEPPEN And Forest

Every Sunday you have an appointment with our recommendations from the App Store. The applications are those that make the most of the capabilities of our iPhone or iPad and from here we bring you some recommendations that are worth having installed on our devices.

The game that we recommend today is TEPPEN, a novelty from the App Store that you will love if you like card games. As for our recommended app, Forest is an app that has grown to become the best option to concentrate, perfect for studying or if you work from home.

Game of the week: TEPPEN

TEPPEN is a new card game that has reached the App Store with an owner and unique graphics that will allow you to direct your units in real time. In this new game, you will have the most emblematic Capcom characters available.

This means that you can fight with characters from Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, Resident Evil or Megaman. We have different game modes, including a story mode for each character so that fun is assured for many hours.

App of the week: Forest

Our Recommended Game And App Of The Week Are TEPPEN And Forest

Forest is an app to concentrate and it will help you to leave your mobile to focus on the present and the truly important. Its operation is quite original, we plant a seed in Forest that with the passage of time will grow and little by little it will become a tree. However, if you can not resist the temptation and leave the application during this period, the tree will wither.

It is a great idea to concentrate on our work or study and that our iPhone does not involve any distraction.

It is a very interesting new game tart if you like card games and Capcom characters and one of the best apps to concentrate on the App Store. If you have liked, we recommend you to visit our app and game that we recommend to you last week.

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