Pokemon GO has recovered players thanks to the combats between coaches

Pokemon GO Has Recovered Players Thanks To The Combats Between Coaches

The Pokemon GO phenomenon shook the entire world with millions of players, nor the Niantic itself was able to offer a good user experience due to the saturation of its servers by the high number of players. Little by little the game was improving and it is still one of the most important games in the App Store.

With the passage of time, the number of players has fallen, but this fall has been inversely proportional to the news that has reached Pokémon GO. One of the most anticipated since the game appeared was the combats between players, a feature that arrived a few months ago and that has made many ex-players return to Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO has recovered players thanks to the combats between coaches

In search of lost players

According to Niantic executives declared in a conference for developers that echoes Gamasutra, the arrival in the game of battles between coaches was a clear goal for the company that always strived to achieve a more similar to the traditional games of Pokémon.

However, over time, they made an effort to recover players by attracting them from player to player.

” We saw the fighting as a way to complement our game system of walking and catching Pokemon together. But we also seek, above all, to increase the number of players. The goal was for out-of-date players who had not started Pokémon GO for a while to come back. ”

Pokemon GO has recovered players thanks to the combats between coaches

In addition to avoiding that the combats between players were too “mechanical,” they introduced a new character like the shields, of this form you can defend of an attack loaded of an opponent reason why the strategy is essential to winning.

Undoubtedly all the events that Niantic is doing and the news that every few minutes reach Pokemon GO not only make it continue to have a base of millions of players, it also manages to recover those who had long since left.

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