PS4 Remote Play And Hyperminimal, The Recommended App And Game Of The Week

PS4 Remote Play And Hyperminimal, The Recommended App And Game Of The Week

One more week we bring you our recommendations of the week so you can download them on your iPhone or iPad. In this case, we have one of the most anticipated applications in recent years by fans of video games and a really difficult game.

Every Sunday we bring you the most interesting application and the game of the week, do not miss the app and the game that we recommend you last week if you like to take photos and football you should download them.

App of the week: PS4 Remote Play

It could not be another. Our recommended application this week is PS4 Remote Play, Sony has finally launched its app to play our PS4 from our iPhone or iPad. It is true that at the moment it is not perfect, since you can not connect the original controls, but it will surely improve over time.

There is a little trick to be able to use the Dualshock 4 controller with PS4 Remote Play on our iPhone and iPad, we just have to be within the range of the console. So it is possible that from another room, or from the bed, it works.

Game of the week: Hyperminimal

Our recommended game of the week is one of those puzzles with which you can spend hours playing, and despairing. Hyperminimal will not test our reflexes if not our ability and, above all, our patients.

The objective is that a small ball of light reaches from the bottom to the other ball of light that we have up without colliding with the objects that we have in the middle. For this we must launch it at just the right moment or else we will not succeed.

Hyperminimal can be exasperating at times, but in the end, it gets “stung” to advance through all its levels.

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