Rules For Video Games And Parents: "Get Involved, Understand Your World"

Rules For Video Games And Parents: “Get Involved, Understand Your World”

Playing with your children, knowing the titles they play, offering them a space for fun as long as they have completed their homework assignments are some tips that they launch from the sector The first thing is the school’s duties, but then parents have to play video games with their children, agree with them the time they spend in front of the screen and meet their virtual friends.

“Get involved, understand your world”, summarizes EFE José María Moreno, the general director of the Spanish Video Game Association (AVI), which brings together an industry in which nine thousand people work and has launched a decalogue for responsible use. They have called it “The Good Gamer” (“The Good Player”), and is part of a larger campaign aimed at children, parents, and educators that Moreno has presented at the festival “Fun & Serious Game” that has been holding these days in Bilbao

Participate with them

There are ten rules for parents: the first, play with your children, congratulate them on their progress. “The idea is to understand better why they like it and what they do, to be able to put rules; Like you realize that it does not make sense to put a limit of ten minutes when the game lasts twenty. Play with them so they can see that you understand what they are talking about “, Moreno detailed.

There is more life in games

They are not just games: «they enhance abilities like memory, spatial vision, there are those that serve to learn history while you play … You get surprises because video games of guns are not the most consumed in Spain», an honor that they take games like FIFA, the most sold for consoles.

Look at the age classification

You have to choose a video game for each age, look at the classification with the minimum age, the so-called PEGI code. «There it comes if it is for people over 18 years old, and if your son is 14, do not buy it; a label is also included on the content if it is violent if it has sex scenes … ». And buy only in official stores and authorized platforms, which avoid suffering computer viruses or dangerous links.

Understand parental controls

It is also necessary to devote »a quarter of an hour» to discover the functions of parental control, with which the downloading of paid content is limited and games that parents consider inappropriate are controlled.

First, the tasks of «cole»

Always first the school, you have to explain to the children that they can only play when they have finished their homework. Then you have to agree on the days and hours of fun, but also correct the inappropriate positions and prevent them from straining the eyes, activating the lighting filters on the screens.

Social fun

Another tip: organize games at home, and thus you know the virtual friends of your children – “you thought your son was a weirdo and you realize that he socializes more than ever,” says Moreno. Finally, teach children to distinguish between reality and fiction, and in passing, warn them about the transfer of personal data.

The Decalogue is part of a broader project to vindicate the values of the video game, in an industry concerned because they have been included in the national strategy against addictions. “I do not know how we ended up there, next to the drug. It creates a problem for us and the 16 million gamers in Spain. We are the first to defend that excessive consumption is not convenient ».

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