Samsung prepares the imminent arrival of a folding mobile

Samsung Folding Mobile Price

Analysts suspect that the Korean firm will unveil the first details on Wednesday of a device with “different approach” In search of the new great mobile revolution. The industry goes crazy continually to amaze consumers with their proposals, although sometimes the risk does not justify success for Samsung Folding Mobile Price. In recent years it has experimented with double cameras and designs without borders; now the new battle that begins to glimpse on the horizon are folding and flexible mobiles.

Samsung Folding Mobile Price

It will cost around 2000$

It is a concept that still has to overcome some technological challenges, although after several years sounding strong, it gives the impression that one is in a position to achieve it. Although the melody of being first has been snatched an unknown Chinese firm, they are preparing Samsung Folding Mobile Price and his assault attending to the latest rumors. The South Korean firm can present, analysts believe, its own flexible mobile phone capable of folding like a book thanks to a seemingly revolutionary hinge that takes advantage of the nature of organic OLED screens and ensures that benefits are not lost.

Beyond the practicality that can be a device in a mobile format that can be opened like a book to gain space, there are few technical innovations that are expected in comparison with the current “smartphones”. The Asian giant has been showing prototypes of flexible screens for several years in each event that arrives but has never made a terminal with these characteristics official. Until now; everything indicates that this will be this Wednesday during his developer conference in San Francisco (USA) when they announce a device with a “different approach”.

There is not yet much information on this, but several analysts place the $ 2,000 price of this terminal case that has functional qualities to fold so that it can be transported in your pocket. It is also unclear if the device should be used mainly horizontally or vertically. Its name can vary between Samsung Galaxy Flex or Samsung Galaxy X according to the description of the patent registered in the US regulator.

Other details that have been aired is that the “smartphone”, which will have 7.29 inches extended (4.58 bent), will offer up to 512 GB of storage and will support two SIM cards. Governed, in addition, by the Android operating system in its version 9.0 Pie, the most up to date.

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