Shared Or Managed WordPress Hosting: Which Is Right For Your Website

Are you planning to build a WordPress website to expand your business online? If yes, then you have made the right decision. Now, you need to choose a wordpress hosting plan for your site. Although there are various other kinds of web hosting types, WP hosting is the best due to its easy-to-use yet useful features. However, this isn’t it. There are different WordPress web hosting types. The most common of them are shared and managed WP hosting.

What Is Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, it is a hosting type where numbers of websites are involved. These sites share common server space with each other and split resources with others on the server. Although it’s a good hosting type for small websites, it doesn’t offer services to add versatility to the site. It means you cannot add many pages to the site or make essential changes in it.

Benefits Of Shared Hosting

  • It is a cost-effective hosting solution that you can have for your WordPress website when you don’t want to grow your site.
  • It is a good package when you are not going to add more pages to your website.
  • Shared hosting is beneficial when you only want to mark the online presence of your business.

Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting

  • Your website will have to share server space with numbers of other websites. When one website adds more pages to it, all the other sites get affected.
  • Your WordPress site doesn’t have its own resources to perform accurately.
  • When you choose shared WordPress hosting, your website cannot handle a large amount of traffic.
  • Your hosting package does not come with extra perks to make your WP website more useful for users.

What Is Managed Hosting

It is an advanced form of web hosting that caters to the specific needs of a website. In fact, many of the hosting companies provide their customers with managed hosting services to meet their specific requirements.

Benefits Of Managed Hosting

  • If you want to grow your business using your website, then managed WordPress hosting is the right option to choose. It provides you with numbers of beneficial features and tools to effectively manage your website.
  • Managed hosting makes your website incredibly fast. You can add more pages to your site and add new features to it. Apart from that, it makes your site perform well on the search engine.
  • Using the managed WP hosting services, you can add an extra layer of security to your site. For example- It comes with free SSL certificate and WordPress advanced security.
  • Automatic update feature keeps your site up to date. Plus, there is 24/7 dedicated WordPress support.
  • You get extra perks like free themes and unlimited emails.

Disadvantages Of Managed Hosting

  • Since managed hosting has numbers of beneficial services, it is costlier than shared hosting.

Which Is Better: Shared Or Managed Hosting

Shared and managed hosting types have their own share of pros and cons. They are beneficial or useless based on your website’s requirements. If you want to grow your business through your site, then choose managed WordPress hosting. It has plenty of features that you can easily apply to your website and make it user-friendly.

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