Significance And Benefits Of WebEx

In yester years not a long time ago the organizations and corporate businesses had to hire conference rooms in hotels or office block to organize their video conferences. They even had to arrange for conveyance for their guests that could take them to the venue and from it at the end of the conference. The world of communication is ever evolving and due to this constant evolution,different communication companies have come up with different websites and applications that they offer on affordable prices. The apps like eztalks and WebEx free are the best examples of effective and affordable means of video conferencing. eztalks is one of the leading providers of video conferencing at affordable rates.

Cisco WebEx that was once known as WebEx Communications Inc. is a company that has the expertise to provide on-demand online meetings, collaboration, web conferencing, and applications and video conferencing applications too. The products that the company offers for its customers include training Center, Meeting Center, Event Center, Sales Center, Support Center, PCNow, MeetMeNow, WebEx AIM Pro Business Edition, WebEx Connect ,and WebEx WebOffice.

Is WebEx Free?

In many parts of the world, the company known as Cisco did provide WebEx trial version. In most of the eastern countries, the company does not offer any WebEx free package. If someone invites you to a meeting or web conference you don’t have to pay a single penny as the host who invites his staff or clients to a conference has to buy a subscription before he could do so. If you want to host your own conference then you will have to pay for the license subscription.

How Much Do I Have To Pay?

There are different subscription plans of WebEx that you could choose according to your needs. There is good news for the users of WebEx and that is the price drop in the subscription fee for WebEx, the subscription that was charged $89/user has now dropped to $29/user. For Cisco WebEx meetings there is a Premium 8 plan for a maximum of 8 people attending a meeting, in this plan, you have to pay $24 a month paid monthly or $19 a month paid annually. Premium 25 is a plan that is dedicated for up to 25b people the subscription fee of this plan is $49 a month paid monthly and $39 a month paid annually. You are free to choose the plan that meets your requirements the best.

Advantages Of Using WebEx

There are many benefits that we get when we use WebEx. The following are a few of them.

  • As WebEx is software as a service all you have to do is to have a fast speed internet and a subscription of WebEx and you are ready to work.
  • You get HD video conferencing with no chance of loading or interruption.
  • One thing that makes WebEx standout among its competitors is its feature of getting feedback from the attendees of a conference.
  • No download is necessary for using WebEx and your attendees do not have to be WebEx subscribers to watch and listen.
  • You can have easy online meetings anywhere anytime.

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