So Beautiful And Colorful Was The First Apple Watch In History

So Beautiful And Colorful Was The First Apple Watch In History

If you were asked about the Apple Watch’s first Apple Watch, you would probably think of a smartwatch with a touch screen and applications. Well, it turns out that it was not like that. Actually, the original Apple Watch was not tactile, it was a simple clock. And a very colorful clock, by the way.

Apple entered the wearables market in 1995, with the launch of this beautiful watch with a style that was very fashionable in the 90s. On its dial was printed the retro rainbow apple logo and was marketed to boost the Mac System 7.5 update.

Mac System 7.5 was a new version of the operating system for Mac. System 7 was 4 years old and needed to be renewed. The new version was installed by default on new Mac products such as the Macintosh LC 580, but it was a paid upgrade for users who had an older Mac. Typical of Apple.

The Apple Watch that promoted its operating system

Apple was not going through its best moments at that time. The company set a price of $ 134.99 for the acquisition of the Mac System 7.5 software update. And for many new features that it offered (which it did) not many users were encouraged to buy it.

That is why Apple decided to reward all those users who bought the version 7.5 of the Mac System with a nice and colorful clock called … that’s right, Apple Watch.

So Beautiful And Colorful Was The First Apple Watch In History

Those users who did not want the Apple watch could also opt for a free copy of Conflict Catcher 3, security software designed to solve problems in the Mac operating system.

In the past, that colorful clock was not very valuable, but nowadays it has become an authentic collector’s item and is valued in hundreds of dollars.

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