Some iPad Pro Are Bent But Apple Says It's Normal

Some iPad Pro Are Bent But Apple Says It’s Normal

If anything we have learned is that Apple products tend to double. It is a fact. Especially the iPhone is one of its biggest scandals the bendgate. Eventually, they ended up recognizing that it was a bug known internally but that did not give much importance. But the smartphone of the brand is not the only one with this problem since the last iPad is also suffering.

When the first units of the iPad Pro 2018 were shipped, several users gave the alarm: they were slightly bent from the factory. Others realized that when they started using them they doubled. But for Apple, this is neither a defect nor a problem.

For Apple, the curves of the iPad Pro 2018 are not a defect

The company says that, in some cases, the tablet will come slightly bent from the factory. They believe that it is a problem derived from the manufacturing process and that it should not be bent over, go to worse or affect performance.

The medium The Verge has provided Apple with one of these units with the curved chassis for the team of engineers to investigate the problem. Further, is a “failure” that would not affect all models equally. It seems that the LTE versions would be more prone to suffer from it, mainly because of the plastic strip that divides the metal in two. This strip is essential for the antenna to communicate with the Internet.

Some iPad Pro Are Bent But Apple Says It's Normal

It is just this part where users have noticed the curvature more. However, some owners of the Wi-Fi only model have also run into it.

Apple’s response comes after several criticisms from users on social networks and Internet forums, in which they comment that the iPad Pro 2018 doubles more easily than previous generations.

Apple’s explanation has only enraged the affected users. By not seeing it as a failure, they will not replace the defective units with other. Something that, if we think well, is unacceptable for a product whose initial price is 879 euros.

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