Stand Out Of The Competition With The Coolest Animation Videos

Do you want to earn your audience attention with something fun and engaging! Whiteboard videos are the fantastic choice they are easy to understand and always remain to the point. The whiteboard videos might not be as cool as your pet wearing glasses, but they are cool enough. So does that mean with a whiteboard animation you can reach a million views? This might be an exaggeration. In the digitized years where thousands of whiteboard animations are created all with different ideas being cool is not enough. How to make your whiteboard animation video stand out from others and make it coolest of all

 Incorporating colors and diverse backgrounds.

Is it necessary that the whiteboard animations should be white? 

These videos are incredible for many reasons; however, the white color may not be one of them. Decades ago the first whiteboard video was created using a whiteboard, and the trend started from then, the time has come to change the status. Even the educational institutions have incorporated into different types of boards, why not we bring these boards in our video. And hence the whiteboard tool is not only white

Make friends with the cellphone

If you don’t have a mobile view, then you don’t exist. Things have drastically changed, and now you can’t ask your audiences to rotate their phones just for the sake of your video, 94% of times the users hold their phone vertically and as a scriptwriter and whiteboard animator, it’s your responsibility to make videos that are designed for the vertical mobile screen. There has been a fantastic elevation in the perpendicular style of videos online from the point of 5% to 30% in a couple of years. The trend started with the social media platform snapchat and spread like fire on many social platforms. So the world is getting prepared for the vertical videos. In these days won’t that be wonderful if you make your whiteboard animation video in vertical?

A story that continues and characters that are linked

Whiteboard video is incomplete if it’s not interconnected. All the means of your whiteboard videos come together to describe a story, cleaning the board at the end of every scene breaks the flow and hence minimize the influence of the video. In this fierce competition and the era of social media, even the microsecond loophole in your continuation can lead to a significant amount of attention to another engaging content on their list of social media. So make sure you choose a narration that is interlinked so that you earn your viewers’ attention

Give your characters an animated touch

Whiteboard animation videos were are highly engaging than other animation since we get to note the characters come to life on the screen. However, what if the character should be given a touch of animation rather than just being static in the video. Wouldn’t it be more appealing to the audience? Hence several styles of whiteboard animation still rest with the static image mode, adding animated characters to your videos might help you stand out

Avoid hybrid video syndrome

Several smart video creators work on to save energy and efficacies by adding the 2D animation video scripts as the whiteboard videos the attempt may not bring efficiencies but also kill time. The whiteboard videos are entirely different from other forms of animated videos so the script should be meaty enough to engage the right audience.

Create an incredible story the royal way

Keep in mind that your account is the king and everything in your video should serve the king. Either you are creating the video to bring out the next revolution or to teach your audiences some information the most crucial part of your video is the story. The story should engage your viewers and make them understand your message. What makes your account compelling? Let’s get some insights from the Greek philosophers.

The Greek method of telling story depends on three parts

  • Startup; give the introduction of the main concept
  • Contradiction; expose the central contradiction
  • Problem-solving; how the problem has been solved

Let’s wrap it up

In the digital era why you need to go through the process that is centuries old. Why!  Because it’s the one that works the most. Either it’s your favorite TV show, the summer blockbuster or every great story can always be classified into three acts if the leading animation studios are incorporating then what you’re waiting are for?

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