Super Smash Bros Ultimate, The Essential Video Game For Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros Ultimate, The Essential Video Game For Nintendo Switch

The fight video game is one of the biggest “crossovers” that are remembered and, except for its weak online mode, the title leaves frantic combats of some seventy characters from numerous famous sagas of the industry Emerged around Nintendo, but with several developers in its path, the Super Smash Bros. saga has been one of the most interesting inducements in the consoles of the last generations the Japanese firm. Two decades that departed from the Nintendo 64 and, for the moment, it seems not to have exhausted its formula. His arrival at the current Switch was expected and has been up to it.

Extensive, explosive, fun. And, in addition to everything, original. This brand-new fight crossover makes it possible to spin Mario’s universe and many other characters in series such as Sonic, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metal Gear Solid or Pac-Man. Franchises missed like Castlevania or Final Fantasy. In total, some seventy characters, to which more peculiar. A show of blows whose fighters, each with their best skills and weapons, is not only part of their appeal.

Decaying for one or the other may depend on many factors; because for example Donkey Kong has more rhythmic movements but as I catch you by a band you are ruined. The most fun can be trying at first the behavior of each in a plea to discovery. Mario, on the other hand, gives fewer bumps but is more skilled. With Link, the silent warrior of Zelda, he has at hand his sword that breaks you in two.

The monumental 2D fight title has a hundred scenarios where you can test against other opponents in individual or group matches, as well as access an online multiplayer mode that, despite its initial interest, is nevertheless its greatest weakness. cuts fall, and slowdowns break everything. But good Account, also, with a campaign mode where the player must be overcoming battles randomly, but without an ad hoc plot.

The only thing that serves as a claim is to get the spirits of their rivals. Once defeated, the player adds them to the abilities to become more powerful, and Santas pascuas. But this measure favors, however, to be devoted more hours to go picking up all levels. And it is not done from one day to the next; the duration is unbeatable, but you have guaranteed hours and hours and hours of play.

The playable concept is very simple, but it takes time to master the innumerable hits. Of frenetic and vertiginous combats, approaching titles supposes, thus of first, certain commitments before the possible ignorance of some of the movements of the fighters. This approach may scare you a bit at first, although in the end, you will get the hang of it. Once the fighting arts are mastered, the experience is much more pleasant and addictive. It is true, it is true, of repetition in the combats: their system of progress may not satisfy all the fans.

Part of the fun of this game is to unlock all the characters. Strangely, or at least if we compare it with other titles of the genre of the fight, we start with about eight fighters available, from Mario, of course, Pikachu, Link or Kirby. A wise decision because, well, the fan of any saga of Nintendo caliber will find a more familiar name.

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