Surprise In Pokemon GO Arrives Mewtwo Battleship!

Surprise In Pokemon GO Arrives Mewtwo Battleship!

Pokemon GO is still a success and it is thanks to surprises such as those announced today. A very interesting summer in Pokemon GO awaits us with new activities and events that we will now have to add the arrival of a new Pokemon: Mewtwo Armored.

The lucky ones were able to capture Mewtwo thanks to the EX raids, however now the company has announced that Mewtwo Battleship will arrive at level 5 raids from around the world within very little.

Mewtwo Battleship will appear in level 5 raids

Recall that we are in the middle of an important event in which we can get several Vario-colored Pokemon in the shape of Alola as Rattata, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Diglett, Meowth, Geodude, Grimer, and Exeggutor. But the events do not stop in Pokemon GO and the arrival of Mewtwo Battleship has been quite a surprise.

  • Date and time: Mewtwo Battleship will appear on level 5 raids from July 10 to 1 pm PDT on July 31 at 1 pm PDT.
  • Details: For the first time in Pokemon GO, Mewtwo Battleship will be available in raids for a limited time!
  • Avatar objects: Do you consider yourself a Mewtwo Coach? Show your power and style with some of the new items from the fashion store!

Mewtwo has now only appeared in EX raids so his arrival to the level 5 raids will make many coaches who could not get hold of him at the time to get the legendary Pokemon, but now in a special way: Mewtwo Armored.

Maybe this is one of the best times to play Pokemon GO again, the game just turned 3 years old and we are celebrating special celebrations. This summer will be full of events in which we can capture unique pokemon and the first one will be Mewtwo Armored.

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