Technological failures guilty of 71% of systems crashes

Technological failures guilty of 71% of systems crashes

A study by SUSE attributes the majority of service failures suffered by companies to failures of their own systems, ahead of human errors, DDoS attacks, and malware, which causes significant economic losses.

The fall of the service has become a matter of growing concern for the systems departments of companies. And it is that annually 80% of companies suffer at least a fall in their technological services, while the average of this type of incident is 2.3 per year, according to SUSE.

Human errors are behind 31% of system crashes. But usually, they are failures of the technology itself. Other possible causes are further away, such as denial of service attacks (9%), malware (9%) or even sabotage perpetrated by some malicious employee (3%).

“For an online store, for example, a fall of your website during mass shopping days can be a complete catastrophe, as they could lose thousands and thousands of euros,” says Eduardo Rivas, Territory Manager SUSE Spain. “The falls in the service translate into significant economic losses,” he says.

Today the activity of companies depends almost entirely on their computer services. In fact, the study indicates that the most important in the day to day is the electronic mail (70%), the virtualization host (62%) and the web servers (58%). 

Almost three-quarters of IT professionals consider an important goal to achieve zero interruptions in their systems, a fact that contrasts with the harsh reality: 89% of them expect at least one drop in their most necessary service in the next year. This is why many system administrators have already started working to obtain a solution to the problem (54%), while 17% have already thought about a strategy for this that has not yet begun to be implemented. Among the measures that are being taken to achieve the goal of zero service interruptions are the update and changes in the hardware (55%), applications (42%) and functionalities of the operating system (34%).

Achieving a business activity without service interruptions requires the use of reliable hardware, support in the availability of the service and minimizes human errors when using more efficient tools. 

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