Thanks To The Jailbreak You Can Already Have The Volume Indicator Of iOS 13 In iOS 12

Thanks To The Jailbreak You Can Already Have The Volume Indicator Of iOS 13 In iOS 12

Among the novelties brought by the recent version of iOS presented during the past WWDC stands out, in addition to the much sought after dark mode that also came to the new operating system for iPad, a new indicator of more minimalist and more functional volume.

If you have not yet installed the beta of iOS 13 on your iPhone and you have done jailbreak, thanks to iDownloadBlog we know you can get this new way of viewing the volume through a new patch created by the community, more specifically by the developer Muirey03.

As mentioned above, it is mandatory that the user’s iPhone has a jailbreak to obtain this new way of knowing the volume of your device. Otherwise, there is always the possibility of using Chimera to iPhone X, XS or any other model of Apple’s smartphone.

This new tool can be downloaded completely free through the Packix repository. The installation is simple, it is only necessary to have a package installer like Cydia on our iPhone.

The tool called 13HUD will not only simulate the appearance of the volume bar that has iOS 13 but also adds the features that come with it. This means that you can configure both the top fill and the height of the bar as well as a timeout period, which will determine how many seconds the bar remains on the screen, and some more details such as the option to hide or show the indicator of the bell.

In this way, you can get one of the most interesting features of the new version of iOS without having to install any of the betas published so far.

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