The AirPower Base Will Be The iPhone: Confirms The Reversible Wireless Charging Of The iPhone XI

One of the most anticipated devices since a year ago has been canceled by Apple and we have run out of official wireless charging base. However, the iPhone XI will be able to perform the functions of the extinguished AirPower base and charge other devices thanks to the arrival of the reversible wireless charge.

It is a rumor that we have heard several times and that now Ming-Chi Kuo reconfirms in addition to new features of the batteries of the 2019 iPhone. According to his report, the new iPhone will have higher capacity batteries to be able to charge other devices without being so affected.

iPhone XI: more battery and reversible wireless charging

This type of load is already available in other competing devices such as Samsung Galaxy S10 and can be very useful at certain times. If you have an AirPods 2 with the new wireless charging case and an Apple Watch you can charge them from the iPhone XI.

The AirPower Base Will Be The iPhone: Confirms The Reversible Wireless Charging Of The iPhone XI

It remains to be seen how Apple manages to improve current technology. In devices that currently have reversible wireless charging to charge other devices, we have to turn them around. We’ll see if Apple offers improvements in this regard.

” We hope that the new 2019 iPhone models will support bidirectional wireless charging. Although the iPhone is not the first high-end smartphone equipped with this type of wireless charging, this new feature will be more convenient for users to load the new AirPods and create a more integrated user experience between the iPhone and AirPods. ”

According to the information revealed by Kuo, Apple will launch three models of 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inches that will be the successors of the current iPhone XS and XR. The battery of the iPhone of 5.8 inches will increase between 20 and 25 percent, that of the iPhone 6.5 inches will grow between 10 and 15 percent. The battery of the new 6.1-inch iPhone XR will increase very little, to around 5 percent.

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