The Best Video Games To Remember 2018

The Best Video Games To Remember 2018

The masterful restart of God of War, the prequel to Red Dead Redemption, the success of Spiderman or the feminine power of Assassins Creed Odyssey are some of the titles that have defined a year marked by the Fortnite phenomenon and the new approaches of the games of the open world

God of War

The Best Video Games To Remember 2018

Faced with the change of direction experienced by the open world titles, the God of War series has marked this year a change of cycle. His image washing has been exceptional, not only in the change of perspective. The camera, in this title located on the shoulder, affects the visualization, but also in the way to face the challenges.

But this delivery is not only a pretty face. It represents a radical evolution in the way we approach our narrative, perfectly integrated into a spectacular whole. For now, transitions. Well executed, it is a masterful flat sequence of thirty hours where the player returns to put himself in the skin of Kratos, the great Spartan warrior, but this time more restrained.

His fatherhood has changed him drastically. He is no longer the irascible and visceral fighter of Greece. With the excuse of Nordic mythology, the character is different. More mature and thoughtful, he tries to escape the conflict, but the inclusion of Atreus, his son, forces him to pay attention to other situations. It is your guide, your teacher, your protector, but you must leave space, which is at your ease. Browse your account. Learn to get up.

Being a parent implies these challenges so that the backbone of the third-person video game reverses emotional moments. There are two sequences of a great draft. Two narrative turns that invite the reaction of the player, become here a spectator in the shadow but involved in the vicissitudes of the character. With a daily game mechanics that requires more patience than reaction, this delivery is called to endure over time. Its open end, in addition, leaves open the door for Santa Monica Studios, the developer company, to get down to work.

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