The Best Ways to Make your Mobile Phone more Secure

Virus makers, phishers, and hackers are up in their arms to hit your mobile phone. How do you make your mobile phone secure?

Truth be told, your mobile phone is more precious than your pocket wallet, your home keys and even your PC on matters of sensitive information. However, we do not take our time to ensure we secure our mobile phones.  John Smith, a mobile phone specialist once said “before you go to buy your smartphone from your local mobile phone shops, ensure you have measures in place to make it secure, else, it will be a waste of money and multiplication of problems

Thankfully, in our post, we have highlighted some top-level tips to help make your phone more secure, guarding those all important messages and photos that you don’t want to see them falling into the wrong hands.

Let’s read more!

  1. Lock your mobile phone

This seems obvious but up to now, people still overlook this security measure. It will be more dangerous when you drop your mobile phone in a bus station and it is picked by the wrong person since that could mean losing your credit-card accounts. What should you do?

Use the good old PIN or navigate to your phone security settings and enable a pass lock. Other security settings such as fingerprints, patterns and voice recognition are prone to breakage. Also ensure if you use a passcode, change it regularly.

  1. Use two-factor authentication

Apart from securing your smartphone, you should also ensure to secure your Google services also. To do this, use Google’s two-factor authentication. Let’s see how to do it. Access your Google account and navigate to the two-step verification settings section.

Go to “Using 2-step verification” and follow the steps. Google will request you to enter your phone number. Choose whether to get a verification code via voice or SMS on your phone. Getting a verification code via SMS is easier. When you get the code, enter it into your web browser’s data entry box. You will then get a prompt whether you want your device to remember the computer you are accessing your Google account with. If you say “yes” you will be able to access that computer for 30 days. Turn on 2-step verification and that’s all.

  1. Install anti-virus program

Viruses can leak your data in no seconds. It is therefore good to ensure you use antivirus software. The best free antivirus software is Avast Mobile Security. Although its other security features such as phone tracker don’t work perfectly, it’s still a good security measure to detect and delete viruses. However, you can decide to spend some cash and buy a powerful antivirus.

  1. Update your software

Users of iOS, Android or Windows Phones are advised to ensure they have the latest version of the software. However, for Android operating system, it can be difficult since it takes sometime before updates are released.

Always ensure your antivirus software is updated with the latest security patches.

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