The definitive guide to collect gigas and gigas of free space on the Internet

The Internet is like looking at the sky. We can observe those thousands of stars converted into files, into data, but nobody will tell us what the theoretical limit is. Because your space grows exponentially according to your needs.

We already gave you a series of tips to set up your own hard drive in the cloud, and how to create an almost unlimited photo library thanks to the QuickPic invitation systems. Although the alternatives have not stopped growing.

Let’s take a look at the best options divided by virtual space slots. What do you need, a few gigs but integration with Word to edit and send documents on the fly, or hundreds of gigs to save all those songs that Spotify does not have and need as eating?

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Security or space: an approximate classification

cloud backup

File hosting systems can be differentiated according to their own use.

On the one hand, we have the applications that require us to register, which have good coverage, both the mobile application and desktop and want us to manage the files in a clear and professional manner, just as a user of a PC folder would do.

On the other hand, there are systems that delete files but offer unlimited theoretical storage, such as Uploaded or Rapidgator. Their cleaning of files turns them into servers especially recommended for punctual downloads and sharing for free.

And finally, we would have the block of applications that are linked to an account, offer some protection, and build their entire database around our files, as long as we give permission to share. They tend to be the most lenient in terms of figures but one day you can be operating online at full throttle and, the next day, disappear from the face of the earth. With your files.

Systems of 1 to 5 gigs: modest but quarrelsome


In this space, we find some of the best services, with good customer service, with file protection and encryption and alternatives to increase the space for relatively cheap offers.


In the old platform, you start with 2GB, but you can go up to 16 by means of recommendations to friends – as long as the person who receives the message accepts it and creates an account- and added systems.

For example: just synchronize our smartphone give us 3GB additional. Additional 125 MB for putting a tweet recommending the app. And so. Its system is stable, it recognizes the format of the files and allows the preview; You can even create galleries.

For 9.99 euros per month, Dropbox offers 1TB of clean space and the possibility of recovering, after 30 days, the files that we have been deleting from the service.

And a lot of attention to business alternatives: for 10 euros you can have unlimited space and file recovery.

In terms of security, apart from the verification in two steps, we can implement an application such as Cloudfogger for extra encryption and blocking, using a token code.


OneDrive is the popular Microsoft alternative that has been losing bellows up to 5GB. But the truth is that those 5GB are just a theoretical starting point.

You can achieve bonuses by chaining requirements: for a new laptop, linking an old account, for each record of a friend or up to an additional 10GB for a camera album.

In addition, it offers a very low rate: 50GB for 2 euros per month and 1TB for 7 euros per month. With the special addition that in this second offer includes the Office 365 package, with official support, the ability to edit in the cloud, create public folders and full integration with the ecosystem of Windows, Office and Skype. Even to make a single annual payment, increase the rebate to 70 euros per year.


HiDrive has the same royalty systems, same base space: 5GB for beginners, with the possibility of raising to 100GB for less than 6 euros or 500GB for less than 13 euros. From the first payment system, we can use the virtual HD as a normal unit in Windows, even linking it to a NAS through the FTP or rsync protocols.

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