The Definitive Trick To See Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

The Definitive Trick To See Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

Today we bring you a trick to see the stories, or stories, of Instagram without a trace. Surely you have heard other tricks in which you have to put the iPhone in airplane mode and stop following that user, this way that we bring you today is much simpler.

We do not have to activate special settings to see the Instagram stories and nobody knows, you just have to be a bit skillful when moving your fingers and touching the screen of your iPhone.

How to see Instagram stories without being seen

As we have said, this trick depends on your ability to handle the iPhone. To achieve this we just have to go through the stories while pressing the screen, that is, we must use two fingers.

The best thing is to open an Instagram story of any account that does not matter to us, now we slide to the side, for example to the left, but before releasing we press another finger on the right side and slide again.

You can do it to both sides as many times as you want and you will see how the stories go by as if they were the faces of a cube, but remember do not let go of the screen at any time.

The only downside of this trick is that you can only see the first story of this person, and we will only see a stopped image, so if it is a video it will not be able to see the whole one. However, it is a very simple trick to use that can get you out of more than one haste if you do not want that person to see that you have seen their Instagram stories. It is possible that if you have many stories do not load all.

As a final recommendation, it is better to end the movement in a story that does not matter much to return to the Instagram main screen. There you will be able to verify that the stories you have seen continue to come out as unseen. Another good way is to download them directly to your iPhone, with this shortcut we tell you how to do it in a few seconds.

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