The iPhone XS Down More Than 100 Dollars Its Price In China To Improve Sales

The iPhone XS Down More Than 100 Dollars Its Price In China To Improve Sales

It is a fact that fewer smartphones are sold than ever. Consumers no longer feel the need to have to renew their mobile phone every year. Manufacturers are taking care of their terminals more than ever by offering more regular maintenance and security updates. In the case of Apple, the iPhone has a life cycle of 4 years.

Although this drop in sales has been felt around the world, one of the markets in which it has particularly affected is China. The people of the Asian country have a variety of brands of smartphones to choose from, and Apple is not among the preferred. To encourage them to buy a model of the most recent iPhone have returned to lower their price.

Apple sees in the sales of the iPhone its only possible to increase sales in China

At the beginning of January the prices of Apple’s iPhone in China fell to improve the figures, even a popular online shopping platform offered succulent discounts that helped to increase sales by 75 %, but it was not enough.

Now in March, the same sellers that lowered the price of smartphones in January do it again with the iPhone XS. According to 9to5Mac, the sales range from 150 dollars to 195 dollars, depending on whether it is purchased in-store or online. Regarding the price of the iPhone, XS Max has been lowered about $ 300, which is no-nonsense.

It was also rumored with the possibility that Apple could lower official prices in several markets depending on the fluctuations of their currencies. However, it seems that they have not yet made any changes, or at least none relatively significant or interesting.

At the moment the salvation of Apple is the iPhone XR, the little brother of the XS, which was the star gift of the past Christmas for its “good” value for money.

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