The role of travel blogs in tourism communication

Travel blogs in tourism communication are a fundamental tool for tourism promotion in any online communication strategy, so it is important to know what they are and how to work with them. Next, we give you the keys.

What is a travel blog?

A travel blog is a web space of an individual or a company, where it is published periodically and in an organized way by dates and categories, articles or “posts”, about travelers’ experiences and tips, destination information, guides, opinions about destinations and tourist services, etc.

Why is it important for brands to work with them?

Travel blogs that publish periodically and take care of the quality of their content and that quality is maintained by Dimensions Travel & Tours Online, generate a community of followers that take into consideration, during the decision process and enjoy their vacations, getaways or any trip, the information published by the blogger or you can visit Dimensions Online booking.

If in addition to your usual followers, we consider that more than 50% of internet users consult travel blogs to decide their next holiday destination, they become a fundamental tool for tourism promotion in any online communication strategy.

How to work with a travel blog?

As a brand or tourist service interested in working with a travel blog, there are two basic premises that you must take into account and check, before starting any action: professionalism of the blog and target to which it is addressed.

In the first case, a professional blogger will have no problem in providing your visit statistics (for example through Google Analytics), since for a company it is very important to measure the effectiveness and profitability of a specific action. Likewise, it is also interesting to know the social networks of the travel blog, placing the focus especially on the interactions received and the quality of the publications and not so much on the number of followers.

As regards the target, there is a wide variety of travel blogs specialized in different customer segments: low-cost travel, as a couple, with children, luxury, on their own, etc., so the company or brand in question should know the type of audience of a certain blog, when deciding whether to work with it.

Something that can help in this decision making is the existence of Travel Bloggers Associations since on the one hand, they contain among their partners, blogs oriented to different segments, besides being able to carry out an action with several bloggers at the same time, increasing, therefore, the impact of the promotional action.

Finally, once the blog or group of blogs with which to work is selected, write a concrete proposal of all the actions to be carried out in the promotion action, avoiding some headaches for both parties. A concrete proposal arrived directly by a blogger, will be an additional sample of his professionalism.

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