The Series See Of Apple Promises 15 Million Dollars Per Chapter, Like Game Of Thrones

The Series See Of Apple Promises 15 Million Dollars Per Chapter, Like Game Of Thrones

Every time there is less for Apple’s expected streaming video service to be released officially and now new details have been revealed. One of the main series of Apple TV + will be “See”, a science fiction drama set in the future where a virus has ended with a large part of the population of the earth and that will be starring Jason Momoa, known for his roles in “Game of Thrones” and Aquaman.

Now The Wall Street Journal has produced a report that says that Apple is investing up to 15 million dollars per chapter, something that would be up to the last episodes of “Game of Thrones.”

Apple is taking it seriously with its series

The report also details the expenses of other popular series, for example, Netflix originally spent $ 4.5 million per episode of “House of Cards”, although the latter have shown between 8 and 15 million dollars. It is estimated that the last episodes of “Game of Thrones” also cost around 15 million dollars, so Apple is investing at the level of its competitors.

” The Apple series” _See “, set several centuries in the future after a virus has destroyed a large part of the population of Earth and left the survivors blind, seems to be taking an example of” Game of Thrones “in regarding the construction of a cinematographic world. The images that were shown at the Apple event showed Mr. Momoa ready for battle along with dozens of actors in panoramic views filmed in the fields and forests of British Columbia. ”

We know that Apple is investing very strongly in the audiovisual business and this report confirms it, we also know that they are producing up to 6 films with serious intentions of winning an Oscar, we will see more details about Apple TV + after summer but the Apple catalog could be very interesting.

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