If you have a pet or want to have one, these are the applications that can not be missing on your mobile

These Are the Best Pet Application If You Have a Pet or Want to Have One

Taking care of your pet will be easier with applications like ‘Pets welcome’, ’11 Pets’ or ‘Social Animals’.
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That the pets have become a member of the family is a fact. It does not matter if you have a dog, a cat, a mouse, a pig or a snake, if you have a Best Pet Application you will understand that no matter how small they may be and however small they may be, the animals have captivated the hearts of men and earned them a place in society.

So much so that, if you could already buy clothes, accessories, toys, and prizes, now you can have them on your mobile. The care of our little companions are not easy: like us, they need to visit the veterinarian, a healthy diet, daily exercise … To facilitate the control of all this care there are already multiple applications for Android and iOS that help to solve doubts, bring the agenda of clinical visits up to date and remind us that the feed is running out, among many other options.

Also, if you are thinking about hosting or adopting, the first step before venturing into this world of Best Pet Application and owners, there are also options for this. These are the tools that you can not miss.

Best Pet Application

Do not buy, adopt

If you have been thinking about having a partner for a while, the most advisable option is to do it through shelters or animal shelters, since in 2017 more than 138,000 dogs and cats were abandoned in Spain, according to the latest study on the abandonment of the Affinity Foundation. Before going crazy visiting dozens of websites, you can download Miyuki, Chubby or AdoptMe applications on your mobile, designed for adoption and reception of animals mainly.

If you have a pet or want to have one, these are the applications that can not be missing on your mobile

Álvaro de Francisco, one of the creators of Miyuki, explains that with two tools ( Miyuki Pet Center and Miyuki Pet Shelter ) both protective and adopting can contact to give a home to dogs, cats, and other pets. “With the first, the shelters create their profile and upload the information of the animals they have adopted and received, with the second registered users can access this information and choose the animal with which they want to stay and contact the protective”, says Álvaro.

“In the app for adopters, you have a complete list with all the animals where you can see their photos and where they are. If you select your people tab you can also find information about their age, their breed, the behavior they have with children or with other animals”, explains the creator, who also adds that there is an option to filter by age,

Pet-friendly places If you want to stop worrying about where you can go and where not with your furry companion, the More Dimensions Welcome application is perfect for you. In it, you can find accommodations, bars, restaurants, beaches and all kinds of establishments that admit pets. In addition, it also indicates public parks and even hairdressers, shoe stores and other stores where they have no problem in which you go accompanied.

If you have a pet or want to have one, these are the applications that can not be missing on your mobile

You can filter by the type of pet, the type of premises (hostels, cabins, bars, restaurants …) and the province where you are, so you can organize your trip or trip without having to leave your four-legged companion at home.

Caring for your pet

Among the basic care of a dog, cat or any other animal, what is possibly the most important and what most controlled you should have are your veterinary appointments and your diet. If with one pet sometimes it is already difficult, with several, taking vaccines, tests, medications, and appointments up to date is an uphill task. Not to forget anything, there are applications such as 11 Pets or Dog Health.

If you have a pet or want to have one, these are the applications that can not be missing on your mobile

Both applications serve to keep up to date the clinical history of our pets (the second only for dogs): they remind you when you have to administer a medication, plan vaccines and deworming, notify you when you touch any of the above, store x-rays, ultrasound and laboratory results … Multiple functions related to the health of your partner that will make your life easier by putting all the information on your mobile.

On the other hand, the sport is essential to maintain good health, our pets must do their corresponding daily exercise. In the case of dogs (animals that we can help most in their day to day in this aspect), there is a Pet application that helps you make fun training and games to keep your four-legged companion, Dogo.

If with these applications for a pet on the health of your pets you have doubts or need guidance on a specific topic, you can download Animal Expert, a tool that unites animal lovers and professionals in a social network to share knowledge. You can make inquiries and ask for advice on canine training, animal health, food, care, and even beauty tricks.

Your online store

There are many shops where you can buy feed, prizes, accessories and everything you need to make your pets live like real kings. The best known are Tiendanimal, Zooplus, and Mascoteros, which have both a website and mobile application to make their products available to the owners in a simple and comfortable way.

If you have a pet or want to have one, these are the applications that can not be missing on your mobile

The first two also have physical stores and donate part of their profits to protectors and shelters, in addition to organizing a collection of food or accessories. For its part, Mascoteros has different channels of dissemination in the animal matter through its portal and its program on Onda Cero, Like the dog and the cat.

Pet kangaroos

Vacations are usually a difficult period if you have a pet. Sometimes you can take it with you and sometimes you can not, and in this last case, you may not always have a friend or family member who can take care of your furry friend. What can you do? First, download Gundog or Dogbuddy applications, in them you will find an alternative to animal residencies, a kangaroo.

If you have a pet or want to have one, these are the applications that can not be missing on your mobile

These are two applications where you can find caregivers for your furry companions. With nursery service, accommodation and walks, it is enough to choose the one you like the most (they are usually people who love animals or professionals related to the animal world), get in touch with them, get to know them and specify the dates when you need them. take care of your pets.

In addition to accommodation, these apps also offer childcare (if you need to take care of your little one during the day) and walkers (if you do not have time to get your furry companion at a certain time).

Looking for company

Having social life is also an important part in the development process of your pet, it is recommended that from small live permanently or partially with other animals so that their life is healthier and happier. To achieve this, take them out for a walk and join them with other animals is the ideal method.

If you have a pet or want to have one, these are the applications that can not be missing on your mobile

If you want to find friends with your furry companions, there is a tool for this, Social Animals, a space created to socialize with other owners and other pets that have emerged as the first social network (as such) for all types of animals. With it you can chat with other users, post pictures and videos of your colleagues, sign up for events …

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