These are the four dangerous applications for Mac that steal your data and send them to China

These are the four dangerous applications for Mac that steal your data and send them to China

According to the cybersecurity firm Malware bytes, the “apps” filter users’ personal data and send it to external servers located in the Asian country.

Again malicious applications in the eye of the hurricane. And this time, Mac users are the ones affected. If you have an Apple computer, beware that according to the cyber security firm Malware bytes there are four “apps” that you should delete immediately so as not to be spied on.

It is the Mac Adware Doctor, Open Any Files: RAR Support, Dr. Antivirus and Dr. Cleaner applications. The American company has assured in a recent report how these “apps”, available in the App Store, filter users’ personal data and send them to external servers located in China. It should be remembered that the Asian country has a different data protection legislation, nothing to do with the European Union or the US, as described by Malware bytes in his blog.

The first of the applications, Adware Doctor, uploads data to external servers, among which are the history of the Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as a list of all computer processes and downloaded applications and their origin.

Open Any Files: RAR Support, on the other hand, is a fraudulent application that hijacks the file management function of the device in cases where it does not have a program to open them. Once installed, this «app» advises the installation of an antivirus and accesses the history of browsers and the App Store.

In addition, the cybersecurity company has also warned about the applications Dr. Antivirus and Dr. Cleaner, an antivirus file cleaning software, respectively, created by the same developer.

These applications collect the same type of personal information from the users’ computer. In the case of antivirus, it has a low detection rate and in both cases the “apps” filter information about all the programs used.

Like Open Any Files, Dr. Antivirus and Dr. Cleaner upload personal data to an external server through a ZIP file. The server to which these files are uploaded is owned by a Chinese citizen, according to the company specialized in cybersecurity.

“What does all this mean?” Adds Thomas Reed, a Malware bytes researcher on the company’s blog. “It is obvious – he continues – that at this point the Mac App Store is not the safe haven of software”, despite the good reputation it has and that Apple has always defended against the Play Store, Android, whose Fame has always been marked as a strain of viruses.

Reed has been denounced for some time the malicious software that reigns in the App Store, something that “most people do not know” and that is a very serious “problem”.

The worst, he denounces, is that he has been telling Apple about the problem for years, “and there is rarely an immediate effect,” he says. “In some cases, we’ve seen applications removed quickly, although sometimes those same ‘apps’ have returned quickly (as was the case with Adware Doctor). In other cases, it has taken up to six months to eliminate an application. In many cases, of others that we have already informed, they are still in the store ».

For this reason, it sends a message to the user: « Be careful with what you download. A free app from the App Store may seem perfectly innocent and harmless, but if you have to give that application access to any of your data, you do not know how to use that information ».

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