These may be the main features of the next iPhone: Apple wants to go big

These May Be The Main Features Of The Next iPhone: Apple Wants To Go Big

The leaks of the new flagship of the US giant point to great changes, although it is possible that the most anticipated innovations are delayed until a year later At the most delicate moment of his business in a decade, Apple has many plans in the head to be able to drag its audience back to trust in its flagship product , the iPhone. The technology giant may be able to solve some of the requests of its followers: the next terminals can make the jump to USB-C charging ports, which are already becoming the most popular in the industry.

A measure that has been rumored in recent weeks but, with the last leak of “Bloomberg”, it is assumed that the new terminals will integrate, whose arrival will occur presumably in the fall following the tradition. In this way, its Lightning proprietary connector will pass to a better life, although it will bring, nevertheless, a period of transition; homogenize these new plugs that are already present in most Android phones will facilitate in the day to day the terrible moment of charging the phone, but owners of old iPhones can find with a few chargers that can no longer use them.

A detail that has not gone unnoticed and that may be somewhat controversial is its charging system. Strangely, the iPhones that have been sketched are far from integrating a fast transmission of energy like that available to other Android rivals. In case of finally confirming it would be an unjustifiable decision, and more so in the current times. Of course, there has been the talk of the arrival, finally, of the AirPower wireless pad, which can cover some needs.

The American company, in turn, has begun to test with a triple camera system for the iPhones of 2019, whose name is not yet defined and which vary between iPhone X1, iPhone XI or iPhone 11. Apple’s current plans to increase this course sales from their electronic devices are very ambitious. And there will be a “normal” version, which will measure 5.8 inches, while the Mac version will have 6.5 inches.

In addition to new iPad low – end, there has been speculation about the possibility that one of the three phones that are released more accessible, which is also assumed that the version will renew iPhone XR, which for a Very long period has been even the most popular of its catalog.

It has also transcended that the aesthetic level will not differ too much with the designs of the current iPhone XS. This does not mean that it is not attractive, but it is a body (metal) that the consuming public has already assimilated. On the other hand, an advance is expected in its facial recognition system FaceID and, of course, a more powerful technical attitude thanks to the future microprocessors of own manufacture.

What most attracts the attention of the future iPhone is that they will be able to integrate a powerful triple camera, prepared to take three-dimensional shots (3D camera by laser). It is a feature that makes sense given Apple’s plans in augmented reality technology, as well as improving the result when it comes to capturing the depth of the images.

The Big Change Will Occur In 2020

More terrible are the indications that have leaked and that, however, that will not reach the catalog of this season in time; The big change will occur in 2020. Mobile photography has become one of the most important characteristics of the market, saturated with tight competition. And the evolution is clear; It serves as a purchase argument. The quality of the photos is a strong reason to encourage consumers to renew their smartphones.

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