They Take Xiaomi Using Images From Apple To Promote Their Emoji The Supposed Plagiarism Of The Emoji

They Take Xiaomi Using Images From Apple To Promote Their Emoji The Supposed Plagiarism Of The Emoji

A few days ago we told you about the controversy that had arisen as a result of the presentation by Xiaomi of his so-called “Mimoji”, some customizable emojis in the purest Memoji style of Apple. The company said its Mimoji was not a copy of Apple’s Emoji, although the images say otherwise.

The Chinese company issued an official statement defending themselves against these accusations, but now they have been caught using official images of Apple’s Memoji on their website to present their Mimoji.

Apple ads on the Xiaomi website

Apple has used its Memoji in numerous ads to promote them along with other services of the company, such as Apple Music. Now Xiaomi has taken advantage of these ads to promote their Mimoji on their official website, this “slip” has been noticed by a user of the popular Chinese social network Weibo.

As you can see in the bottom of the image above we have a video that appeared on the website of Xiaomi, a video that reminds us much of this Apple whose protagonist is Khalid who plays the song “Talk”.

This is not the first time that Xiaomi is accused of copying Apple. As Vanity Fair reported in the past, Apple’s chief designer Jony Ive, who will soon leave the company, once called Xiaomi personally: “You spend seven or eight years working on something, and then copying… I think it’s a robbery. ”

As much as Xiaomi wants to protect herself, there is no doubt who they have been inspired to create their Mimoji, not only they look aesthetically, even the name sounds the same. Even so, I do not think Apple wants to get into a legal battle over this issue, in the end, nobody can patent a kind of cartoon avatars.

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