This App Shows Apple What Apple Music Should Be Like And You Can Download It Now

This App Shows Apple What Apple Music Should Be Like And You Can Download It Now

It is a fact that the sale of CDs is decreasing. Even albums and songs in digital format are in decline. Streaming has become the preferred way to consume this type of content, regardless of age and type of user.

Streaming music services there are a few. Spotify is the undisputed king with more than 90 million paid users spread around the world. With half, we find Apple Music, which despite having only three years in the sector points out ways, and is getting new subscribers at a very good pace.

However, Apple Music still has to polish some details, especially in its application for the iPhone. Apple’s streaming music service is included in the Music app, which also hosts songs and albums synchronized with our iTunes library.

Luckily, Apple released the MusicKit API in 2017 that allows developers to create applications that use Apple Music’s full potential. With this API the Munish online player has been created, which seems to have been developed by Apple itself. More recently, Soor has been created, which plans to replace Music as the default app for iOS devices.

Soor, the Music and Apple Music app for definitive iOS

The Indian developer Tanmay Sonawane has created Soor, an application that wants to replace the default music player of the iPhone and iPad. According to 9to5Mac, its development has been possible thanks to the MusicKit API.

One of the strengths of Soor is in the function of “Discover”, which leaves a lot to be desired in the Apple app. Shows on the main screen new content and according to our tastes that may interest us. Another of its strengths lies in its interface, designed with pleasure and that is very elegant, with the possibility of going from white to darker tones according to preferences.

This App Shows Apple What Apple Music Should Be Like And You Can Download It Now

However, Soor has its drawbacks. You can not delete songs from the library, or rearrange them, or delete songs from a playlist or rename it.

Soor can be downloaded in the App Store for 10.99 euros.

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