Wikipedia is a social web

Top Websites That Can Tap You Straight into the World’s Largest Hub of Knowledge

Wikipedia is a social web with the most outstanding options and all free of cost. Wikipedia has become the virtual encyclopedia for the majority of the world. Since it has been rated as one of the best examples of social co-operation that one will ever have experienced before. As said by the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales;

“Suppose a world where every individual across the globe will have free access to the hub of all human knowledge. And that’s the aim.”

In the present times, Wikipedia has been increasingly taken leverage for reference in schools and colleges, but the question remains at its place for how do you browse through the massive hub of knowledge?

We have brought to light many valuable and potential Wikipedia search engines. All you do is put in search a keyword, and there are most chances that the reference from Wikipedia will appear in the top results. Well, the search results are relevant since there is the number of diverse Wikipedia search engines and websites that gives direct access to the hub of knowledge and it’s more interesting than having to it directly searched for the information you are seeking.

So Wikipedia is an ocean of data with 15,000,000 articles in more than 270 languages. As there are different ways to do a task, there are also many ways to use the information presented on Wikipedia.

Hence to become an expert in extracting information as well as learning Wikipedia page management with these website browsing Wikipedia will be fun and different from your experience.

The mind map wiki

If you are well aware of the mind maps you will come to know how useful they are to give you an aerial view of any subject, especially if it’s a complicated one. Some questions are complex to understand and delve into the information will make it more complicated. In such situations, the wiki mind map brings the illustrative relationship of the mind map to the wiki information.

The main subject will remain in the center while the interlinked topics are linked around the first level. With just one click on the text, you can go to the Wikipedia entry.  While accessing the green arrows will lead you to the next level. Also, some links are attached to external sources.

The viswiki all visual encyclopedia

As the name suggests, it’s a visual encyclopedia. And from the introduction, they have added more features. However, the similar instinctive approach to browse and read Wikipedia content has stayed at its place. It also shows the Wikipedia content that has been followed by interlink illustration of the mind map.

What is most appealing about the viswiki are the links carrying you to YouTube, google maps and flicker conventionally from the Wikipedia content that you are going through.

Visuals on Wikipedia;

Placing a video on Wikipedia makes it complete. The video on Wikipedia has been advancing the cause of getting the videos on Wikipedia, any submission made are forwarded to Wikipedia. Everything that is submitted is shown as it is, so you can spot so many articles loaded with videos.

The Clusty Wikipedia

The Clusty is well preferred Wikipedia search engine that sets the search results into clusters as soon as it completes it meta-search. The cluster assists in organizing numerous search results in well-arranged groups and subjects. You can expand the clusters by going through the small red icon. While remix reveals other submerged topics.

The easy English Wikipedia

The resource is fruitful for questions that need shallow research. For children, the non-native speakers, adults having difficulties with learning and new users of Wikipedia can have the simpler version of Wikipedia to read.

Though the content placed is lesser than the total number still it’s the more comfortable and straightforward to use the easy words makes it an excellent introductory tool.


The website is a wonderful starting, to download the entire content of Wikipedia, with and without illustration so that you can also search it offline. You can download it for Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can also access by the torrent way. The website Okawix can facilitate your work on more than 253 languages. The best part is that you can not only download the 6 GB of Wikipedia. However, it also packs it with similar sites such as Wikisource, wikitionary, etc.

The Wikipedia game

Wikipedia not only holds bombardment of information that is just linked. It might give you a short but a pleasant break in your complicated Wikipedia research. You might be given some words that are random at the start, and the final is the name of the article. Your task is to go through the first article to the last while clicking the links as less as possible. It can contribute well to our fun quotient as well as the spark on intelligence.

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