Turn Your iPad Into An iMac Mini With This Elegant Lamictal Support

Turn Your iPad Into An iMac Mini With This Elegant Lamictal Support

If you have any model of Apple iPad, you will know that it is the perfect tool to watch your favorite Netflix series, to work on your personal projects, to procrastinate surfing the net and a host of other possibilities.

But, however thin and light Apple has made its tablets, sometimes it is somewhat annoying and uncomfortable to hold it with both hands . Especially if we talk about a very long time. Therefore, today we are going to recommend one of the best tablets stands on the market.

We are talking about the multi-angle tablet support from Lamictal. It is support manufactured with a very light and resistant aluminum alloy.

Design and functionality

The multi-angle support from Lamictal is designed to become the definitive support for all iPad models available to date. Even for the gigantic iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen.

Turn Your iPad Into An iMac Mini With This Elegant Lamictal Support

Its triangle-shaped design, together with its materials, will turn your iPad Pro into a kind of mini iMac ready to synchronize with a Bluetooth keyboard and be used as a touch screen for the Apple Pencil. And it has an additional advantage, it will allow you to place the iPad both horizontally and vertically.

It has a total of eight rubber adhesives that will protect both your iPad and the surface on which you place the stand. In addition, the adhesives of the base make their grip is excellent and offers unbeatable stability. That is, you can press hard on the screen of your iPad, which will not shake or move a millimeter.

As for its functionality, the multi-angle stand by Lamictal has a very thin square panel that will hold, along with its two handles, the iPad. This panel is very firm and stable. In addition, you can rotate up to 180º to put the iPad in any position you want.

Turn Your iPad Into An iMac Mini With This Elegant Lamictal Support

This will allow you to perform any type of action with your iPad in any position in which you find yourself. Whether lying on the bed while watching a movie on the iPad, looking in the mirror in the toilet while listening to music or maybe cooking in the kitchen while you look at the ingredients of the recipe on the tablet. It’s just perfect!

The truth is that it is a support that provides great stability to the iPad Pro 12.9 inches. And due to the large size of the Apple tablet, it is not something easy to achieve. But this accessory fully meets this premise.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy to mention that it can also be used with the iPhone in case you have one, even if it is not designed for smartphones.

Turn Your iPad Into An iMac Mini With This Elegant Lamictal Support

A lot of attention because we are facing the most popular and best-selling iPad support in the market, at least on Amazon. Without a doubt, it is one of the most recommended accessories for iPhone and iPad on the market.

The multi-angle stand by Lamictal is available in four colors: gray, black, platinum and rose gold. You will not find criticism about its functionality, and the best of all is its price. To be such a useful and well-valued accessory, it is super cheap. It cost us 17 euros and we are very happy with the purchase.

Buy support “S” Multi-angle of Lamictal

Turn Your iPad Into An iMac Mini With This Elegant Lamictal Support

You can acquire this Lamictal support through Amazon from the following purchase link, we attach an 18% discount code:


  • It has a minimalist and elegant design.
  • It is manufactured with high-quality aluminum.
  • It is thin, lightweight, resistant, stable and ergonomic.
  • The support panel is able to rotate up to 180º.
  • The rubbers adhered to your panel avoid damaging the surface of the iPad.


  • It does not offer 100% iPhone compatibility.
  • Its size is not ideal for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
  • It is advisable to take the stand and the tablet separately to avoid bumps.

Actually, it is a matter of some inconveniences very caught by pincers, simply by commenting on a couple of objective criticisms. But the support has not been designed for iPhone, although it is true that if it were a little bigger it would be perfect to use the iPad Pro and to take it anywhere in the house in one piece.

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