Two great smartphone cameras that made 2018

We saw the release of so many wonderful devices in 2018, some great, some flops. I have written articles on those smartphone cameras that just flopped in 2018. I’d love to share two great smartphone cameras I absolutely love.

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Huawei P20 PRO

This smartphone is way ahead of the times with its triple camera setup, which gives it outstanding video shooting capabilities. It is easily one of the best Android phones on the market, however, it comes in second as the Galaxy S9+ delivers a more consistent all-around shooting experience.

It features an unbelievable triple camera setup on its rear, with a combined megapixel count of an astounding 68MP. Add in the 24MP front-facing camera and the phone has an amazing total count of 92MP. Megapixels can only get you so far though, however, the Huawei P20 Pro offers more than just megapixels, it backs it up with great camera features.

The main 40MP camera is accompanied by a 20MP black and white sensor that makes image processing a lot better, also decreasing noise and improving dynamic range, even though the Huawei P20 PRO shoots at 10MP as default. The last rear camera packs a 3X zoom lens and an 8MO sensor that makes it possible to zoom into a scene without having to use the digital zoom, which ensures a very high image quality.

All in all, the Huawei P20 PRO is the excellent traveling companion, great for capturing vlogs while you are on the move.

If you are looking to start your video blogging adventure, the Huawei P20 PRO is the highest megapixel phone for vlogging.


LG’s new V4o ThinQ is quite different from a lot different from it’s the predecessors, the V30 and the G7 ThinQ. The V40 has a better standard camera and two additional rear cameras which provide different perspectives and fields of view.

In total the V40 packs 5 different cameras, three on the rear and two in front, which gives its camera system a kind of versatility you don’t get to see on other phones. It not only is an upgrade on the camera quality, but it also improves what you can capture with your phone’s camera.

There are other phones with multiple camera systems, like the Huawei P20 pro. However, the V40’s camera’s setup is a whole lot different. The standard camera is for normal shots, the super wide angle camera is for capturing a wider field of view, while the telephoto camera gets you closer your subject.

The LG V40 Think’s major con, however, is that the cameras aren’t as high quality as that of its major competitors. That said, the LG V40 ThinQ is fitted with so many lenses, and this makes for great picture quality.  The front camera system has both a standard lens and a wide angle option to capture more in the frame.

This kind of flexibility separates the V40 from its increasingly homogenous competitors.  If shooting selfie videos are your thing, the V40 is a great phone for vlogging with dual front cameras.


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