Unshackle Your Big Data: Become a Trendsetter in the Digital World Today

Till date Big data remains to be the main buzz and the new curve in the IT industry. Enterprises and organizations today are flooded with large amounts of data from unimaginable sources. Data is huge and is generated at a high velocity from sources like internet, mobile phones, social media, geospatial, sensors and other machine generated data. Enormous amount of data has been extracted daily since the past 20 years. What data does? Near about 277,000 tweets, 100 million emails, and 350 GB data gets processed on Facebook every minute. Now you can imagine the amount of data collected in the past 20 years.

At present, we might have heard technology terms such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain etc. Well, without data these terms are useless for businesses and organizations. Opportunities are huge for enterprises and organizations in extracting volumes of data to predict business outcomes.

Let’s look at some spellbinding facts about data!

  • The population for global internet grew 6.5% from the year 2010 and 2011.
  • In 2013, 4 zettabytes data generated worldwide.
  • In 2014, a staggering 7 zettabytes data were generated worldwide.
  • Currently, 2 billion people are connected through the internet generating huge amount of data every second.
  • And in 2020, it is predicted that data volume will increase 50 times.

Any kind of voluminous data extracted from sources such as array, files, table, tree, records is described as a structured data. Besides this, data that is being generated from PowerPoint, Word document or excel and non-textual data from flash drives, audio files, records, JPEG, and MP3 are described as structured data.

The value of data generated through different volumes increases day by day. However, with new applications, big data can process and store data. Probably it will be possible to store huge amounts in the coming future as well. Big data professional with Hadoop skill is preferred by most organizations. Newer tools and technologies will can record, monitor and measure different kinds of data round us, these tools are yet to be introduced soon.

New tools will help anonymize data, analyze, track and audit information, sharing, and even manage our own data. Thus, the future for a big data professional is going to be promising. There are many pending aspects of life health, marketing, businesses, education, and telecommunication managing the big data world needs to be polished for the upcoming future.

Big data solutions are being used by many industries in attempt to identify potential customers, develop new services, products and create experiences. Regardless the size of the company, every organization is in dire need of a skilled big data professional.

Data engineers and data professionals are in huge demand. It is not surprising that the challenge reflects the demand for such professionals skilled in big data skills and certifications. If you’re looking for a pathway to the cutting-edge technology, then a data engineer certification is an ideal option. Certifications is a proven way to demonstrate the skills and expertise against industry requirements.

Today, the big data realm has reached its vastness to such extremity that it can be challenging to ignore the fact that it is causing a positive effect in the industries. Do you think you’re all set to take a ride in the new technology wave?

The most immersive and high paying job that will market the future is here at your doorstep. Why not checkout the DASCA infographic today and see what’s next in your big data career!

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