Video Games For Family Fun This Christmas

Video Games For Family Fun This Christmas

Competitions, mini-game competitions, dance titles, karaoke are some of the proposals Video games is the main leisure offer in Spain. The sector generates more than 1,300 million euros per year, double that of music and film together. However, it still has a child component associated with it that leads to thinking of more than one entertainment for teenagers only.

The wide variety of different genres and styles is so wide that anyone can have fun with any of the thousands of proposals that are launched throughout the year. Some of the most recent, even, are perfectly oriented to families. They can be played together, in pairs on the same console, which can be spent for a while to parents and children, siblings or, who knows, to the grandfather at home.

Knowledge is power: Decades

This title is interesting from the social point of view. And you do not even need to take command of the desktop console because it is certain that more than one person thinks that he will not have skill. On the contrary, it requires only your own smart mobile phone. Through an application for iOS and Android devices, players participate in a contest of answers. Yes, like those on television.

You just have to download the “app” and synchronize it. This is the second part of this energetic game of questions, which in this case all revolves around the last four decades of the entertainment industry. Choose between totally new characters and then vote for your favorite decade and enjoy a crazy experience of general culture questions with up to five friends. You will find new moves of power, new challenges and thousands of popular questions of general culture according to each decade. It is available for PlayStation 4.

It’s been you!

This title, which already had the first installment with more general questions, is part of a package of games that Sony has included in a system called Play link, by which players use their “smartphones” together. It is a different way of playing and that opens the door to all kinds of audiences. This title, for example, allows to perform actions as a mixture between the classic “Kiss, daring or truth” or “I never …”, but more familiar.

Each player must give his answer (always sincere, that’s where the grace is) to the thousands of questions that appear that go from the type “Which member of your family would survive more time in nature?”, “Which of your friends has been the last one to vomit on the street? “or” Which one of you cooks the worst? “to see if the others succeed. It is designed for five people. It also gives the option to participate in daring challenges of drawing, making selfies for photographic challenges and much more.


Like the previous one, this title allows you to connect through a mobile application to participate in a series of mini-games for four people. Some are races to see who gets the first, others are resistance on the ice or evidence to see who eats more donuts. It is a fun experience for the whole family. And more so now that many of them join several members several days in a row and with small children, in the end, you have to go racking your brains to find a fun for all audiences.


This title is also part of this service Play link PlayStation 4. Just launched and the goal is to win several mini-games with your character, a cute monkey. It is possible to face up to four players. See 18 quirky minigames and 90 levels. It does not matter if it’s the first time you play since it’s very easy. Here you will find something to do from dunk your chimpanzee in the hoop to escape your rivals in a classic game of papilla.

Pokémon Let’s Go

It is the new installment of the well-known series of Pokémon that for twenty years has popularized that of hunting wild creatures. Well, for this title the graphic design has been revamped, more modern and minimalist, and made more accessible. What’s more, hunting virtual bugs is so amazing that it has its own real pokéball, the spherical trap that traps them. It is available for Nintendo Switch and allows you to hang out alone or with other players connected to the internet. But a beautiful scene can be the mother with her son to see who is able to locate the “pokémons” while it is time to have dinner.

Lets Sing 11

Available for both PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, this is the new release of the well-known karaoke. The game includes two microphones prepared for each platform, which can be competing between each, in confrontations between two people or simply enjoy singing some of your favorite songs.

The objective, however, is to educate. Only singers who hit the right notes can get the highest scores. Later a result is given. It also allows mixing different potpourri between them with this innovative game mode. Each mix is dynamically generated and this guarantees a list of music that will never be repeated. The better you sing together, the higher your compatibility score. Not only can you sing with friends, but you can also team up with your idol in single player mode.

This year we have included 35 songs available from artists such as Jennifer Lopez with “El Anillo”, Pablo López with “El Patio”, Manuel Carrasco with “Otoño, Octubre” and Sebastián Yatra with “Traicionera”, as well as Rita Ora with “Anywhere », Demarco Flamenco ft. Maki with «The Island of Love», Antonio José with «Me Haces Falta».

Mega Drive Classics

This is something else. It is a video game that compiles more than 50 titles of the famous console Sega Genesis, with what now you can have an opportunity to tell you what games were like a few years ago. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The catalog is quite extensive and includes classic arcade of the recreational, Sonic and «Streets of Rage 2» or remembered role-playing games such as «Phantasy Star».

Carnival Games

Available for Nintendo Switch, it is a collection of mini-games that have already been paraded by other platforms in recent years. It’s fun. There are a total of 20 short titles of all varieties. Some go racing, others play baseball, others have to pile as many cakes as you can and take your horse to the finish line. Fun for all families. This is how classic minigames like throwing to the basket (“Baskets!”) And unlovely clowns (“Clown Shooting”) join new attractions such as drone racing (“Speed of Light”). and that of the space bowling («Cosmic Bowling»)

Dakar 18

As a title to compete, this demanding and realistic rally can be given a chance. It allows split screen – also has an online multiplayer mode -, with what two players can enjoy on the same platform. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is a realistic simulation of the main off-road rally competition in the world in which it offers a wide variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, trucks, quads or cars. The scenarios are Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia.

Just Dance 2019

This title is for the most belongs and daring. Here, the player has a coach on the screen that guides him to follow and complete some dance steps. It is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. It includes forty new songs such as «Finesse» (Bruno Mars Ft. Cardi B), «OMG» (Arash Ft. Snoop Dogg), «Mad Love» (Sean Paul, David Guetta , Becky G) or “BUM BUM TAM TAM” (Mc Floti, Future, J Balvin, Steffan Don, Juan Magan). How do you play? As in the previous installments, the player has to follow the coach of the screen as if it were his reflection in a mirror. Depending on the performance of the player, the score will be marked.

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