We Already Have Several Videos Of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, This Will Be The Expected New Pokemon GO

We Already Have Several Videos Of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, This Will Be The Expected New Pokemon GO

The game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is now available on the App Store in New Zealand. It is very common that this type of games that will have millions and millions of downloads have a pre-launch in several countries as a test.

In this way, the creators of Pokemon GO will have the possibility to obtain a general idea according to the reports of the players of the beta phase in order to improve the gaming experience . Especially in relation to avoid the collapse of the servers. Although something tells me that when the game is available throughout the world will be inevitable.

After the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in New Zealand, there have been many players who have wanted to share their first impressions through YouTube. In this article, we will compile some of these videos so you can check how the new augmented reality game of Niantic is.

First Harry Potter gameplays: Wizards Unite

For what seems to be, in the first videos of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite we can see a map practically identical to the system that Pokemon GO offered.

But instead of hunting Pokemon creatures, in this augmented reality game what we have to do is conjure spells with your iPhone and collect magic artifacts.

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite we can also create our own character with different styles. In the story, both Hagrid and Hermione seem to play a very important role in the adventure.

There is an infinity of curiosities in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that will give us a much more complete experience like the potions, the runes, the keys, the detectors and the energy that will be used to conjure the spells. Again, it seems that Niantic will bet on in-app purchases.

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