What Does The New iPad Pro (2018) Need To Be Perfect?

What Does The New iPad Pro (2018) Need To Be Perfect?

I love what Apple has done with its iPad, and how the tablet has evolved over the years. After a few months using the 12.9-inch iPad, Pro introduced at the end of 2018, I can say without fear of being wrong that it is the best tablet in history. And that almost, for very little, it would be able to replace any computer.

As an editor, reader, cinephile and inveterate lover of photography, I must say that the iPad Pro fulfills a thousand wonders with all my requirements, needs and demands. The performance is absolutely spectacular, almost bordering on the ridiculous. The battery life is impressive, I have never seen anything like it. And its design … Oh God, Apple, blessed design.

There is no doubt about the fact that the third generation iPad Pro is currently the best tablet on the market. The sales figures speak for themselves. However, despite all its fabulous features, technical specifications and the harmonious merger between hardware and software … the iPad Pro 2018 is far from being a perfect device. In fact, in the world of technology, nothing is. There is always something to improve!

This is what the iPad Pro lacks to be perfect


What Does The New iPad Pro (2018) Need To Be Perfect?

We will start talking about hardware, and how the implementation of some components would help to significantly improve the usability, functionality and user experience of the third generation iPad Pro.

And it’s been some time since the development of this tablet ended, probably about 6 – 7 months. Since then, the advance of technology offers us some innovations that would come from pearls to this iPad Pro.

A flexible or folding screen? No. Personally, I think that this technology is not yet ideal, much less for a tablet. It would be more confusing, more complex and its aesthetics would be less visual. In essence, it would basically lose all its charm. But other technologies such as a dual camera or a fingerprint sensor would be a fantastic addition.

USB-C port

Apple succeeded in replacing the USB Lightning port by the USB-C port on his iPad Pro. But, unfortunately, something came. Yes, it is capable of connecting to an external monitor with 4K support, it is capable of allowing you to view all kinds of contents (photographs, videos, files, documents …) and is even capable of charging the iPhone’s battery. But it is not compatible with all devices and iOS software also sets some limitations.

Touch ID

The facial recognition feature Face ID is a real wonder. But sometimes it causes certain problems. That is, it would be much better to have Face ID and Touch ID. An iPad Pro with Touch ID integrated into the screen would be perfect.


What Does The New iPad Pro (2018) Need To Be Perfect?

Actually, Apple has never wanted to replace a PC or a Mac for an iPad. Not even a laptop. They would lose money. But if you really want to make us believe that the third generation iPad Pro is a computer … you will need to convince us by implementing a series of drastic changes in your mobile software. And, luckily, some are already on the way.


An iPad Pro with the best hardware components on the market without software capable of offering compatibility with these elements would be useless. On many occasions, the mobile operating system of the iPad Pro has some limitations that force consumers to look for somewhat uncomfortable alternative solutions.

Although the multitasking of iOS is a real wonder. It is not as intuitive as it could be, this makes us lose valuable time, and therefore, makes us less productive.


And to finish, Apple’s closed ecosystem does not play solely against it. It also plays against the third-party applications of the iOS App Store. The fact that an application can not perform a certain action is not the fault of the developers but is the fault of the ecosystem, which is designed to economically benefit Apple. That is, many apps would make the iPad Pro perfect, but the operating system retains them.

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