What Inspired Apple To Create The Original iPhone? One Of The Responsible Answers

What Inspired Apple To Create The Original iPhone? One Of The Responsible Answers

If any of us are asked what they have in common Blade Runner, The Beatles, NASA or the original Mac very few would know the answer. However, Imran Chaudhri knows perfectly what to answer: the iPhone. Something you probably had not thought of.

Imran Chaudhry was one of the designers who worked on the original iPhone project, specifically in the software section, in what we now call iOS but at that time called iPhone OS. When asked about his sources of inspiration for the project, he left us with a very interesting long list.

These are some things that inspired the iPhone

Inspiration is quite personal and Chaudhri has not made it clear what aspects of each of the things on the list are what specifically inspired him and the rest of the team. We knew some curiosities about the original iPhone, but this was a secret until today.

The designer just left Apple to start a new project in the form of a startup called Hu.ma.ne and maybe that’s why he decided to leave us the list of things that inspired the original iPhone design team:

The original Mac.
Blade Runner.
2001: a space odyssey.
Sony Walkman TPS-L2.
Braun ET66.
The Concorde.
Massimo Vignale.
Henry Dreyfuss.
The Apollo 11
The Beatles.
Warp records.
Arthur C. Clarke.
Eero Saarinen
Among other things…

Something that surprises the list is that there is no smartphone or phone of the time, which tells us that really Apple was willing to completely change the industry without looking at anything of what was at that time. In the list, we have known designers and devices of the time, but also movies and music groups.

Although they may seem very different things, all of them stand out for being something futuristic for their time. Something that Apple intended to achieve with its original iPhone, and what if it succeeded.

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