What is Amazon WorkSpaces and what are its benefits

It can be used to provision Windows or Linux desktops in just a few minutes and select from a variety of hardware and software configurations.

Why use Amazon Workspaces?

  • Provide secure desktops in the cloud
  • Make Bring Your Own Device initiatives a reality
  • Quickly provision desktops for software testing and development
  • Guarantees quick and easy integration during acquisitions and mergers

Benefits of Amazon WorkSpaces


Unlike traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, with Amazon WorkSpaces you do not have to worry about provisioning, deploying, or managing a complex environment. The application provides a fully managed service.

Cost effectiveness

The use of a virtual desktop environment based on the cloud eliminates the need to make a heavy initial investment and maintenance of the infrastructure, which allows to offer more profitable desktops.

In addition, with WorkSpaces you have the possibility to pay per month or per hour , which saves money compared to traditional desktops and local VDI solutions for best workspaces for Dell PowerEdge T14.

Own licenses

On the Windows desktop, you can bring your own licenses and applications , and run the operating system on hardware that is physically destined for you. Of course, to use this option, the company must commit to running at least 200 Amazon WorkSpaces desktops in an AWS region every month.

Simple provisioning

Regardless of the number of desks you want to launch, all you have to do is choose the package that best suits the needs of your users and the amount you want. When you no longer need a particular desktop, you can easily remove it.

Secure and encrypted

With Amazon WorkSpaces, your organization’s data is not sent or stored on users’ devices. The data always remains in the AWS cloud or in your local environment, thus ensuring maximum security around the data.

On the other hand, it allows you to manage which devices can access your desktops based on the IP address, the type of device or through the use of digital certificates. You can limit WorkSpaces access to trusted devices by using control groups based on IP addresses and, in the case of macOS and computers with Microsoft Windows, you can use your digital certificates to limit that access.

Persistent storage

Amazon Workspaces offers access to different AWS cloud storage capabilities based on the needs of the organization. In addition, the data that users store is copied to Amazon S3 periodically.

Amazon WorkSpaces users can also use Amazon WorkDocs. This tool allows access to all content stored on demand through an attached unit connected to your WorkSpaces desktop. All WorkDocs content is synchronized through an encrypted connection and available on your other devices.

Great accessibility

You can access Amazon WorkSpaces from any Windows or Mac computer, Chromebook, iPad, Android tablet or Fire tablet, as well as Chrome and Firefox web browsers, which allow you to access Amazon WorkSpaces without the need to download an application first .

This great accessibility offers users a high quality experience optimized for the vast majority of devices.

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