What Laptops Can You Give Away For Less Than € 500?

What Laptops Can You Give Away For Less Than € 500?

We present a new shopping guide. This time we will analyze the best 3 models of laptops quality-price The first thing you should know is that a laptop of fewer than 500 euros is not synonymous with low quality. There are very good purchase options that fit perfectly in this price range. Cheap laptops also include high-definition screens, solid performance, and long battery life.

After reviewing dozens of laptops at an affordable price through web portals specializing in cheap laptops. We have come to the conclusion that the best computer that you can give away for less than 500 euros is an Acer Aspire E15. Behind this is the Samsung Chromebook 3 11 inch inches.

What Laptops Can You Give Away For Less Than € 500?

Acer Aspire E15 (The best quality-price)

For just under 400 euros you will have a computer that works perfectly thanks to its Intel Core i3 8º Generation. Many USB ports and a very subtle aesthetic and with top quality materials.

The new model (2018) has improved battery lifetimes (even exceeding 9 hours). This Acer is equipped with 6 GB of RAM and still retains its DVD burner and a USB port of type C. The keyboard is comfortable to write due to the good spacing between the keys. The mousepad is also very wide and will allow us to do without a mouse. Without a doubt, it is one of the best shopping options due to the price it has.

Intel Core i3


Storage: 1 TB

Display: 15.6 “(1920 x 1080)

Battery life: 9:48 (hrs: min)

Weight: 6 Kg

What Laptops Can You Give Away For Less Than € 500?

HP Stream 11 (The cheapest)

An excellent option for both young people and adults who need a lightweight laptop that can last a long time with a charge. The colors are very striking, the most popular are blue and purple. In terms of performance; It offers a solid behavior thanks mainly to the CPU and 4GB of RAM. The feature that makes it one of the most attractive for us is that it brings a free one-year subscription to Office 365

Intel Celeron


Storage: 32 GB

Display: 1366 x 768 (11.6 “inches)

Battery life: 8 hours

Weight: 3,5 Kg

What Laptops Can You Give Away For Less Than € 500?

Acer Spin 1 (The best in terms of design)

At first glance, the Acer Spin 1 transmits to us that it is a portable thought to surprise by its design. It will even seem strange to you to be on this list because only because of its appearance it looks like a rather expensive notebook. This convertible Acer of 11.6 inches has a chassis of aluminum of high quality and one of the most brilliant and colorful screens of all the market, even competing with portable of more than 1500 €.

Intel Celeron N3350


Storage: 32 GB

Display: 11.6 “(1920 x 1080)

Battery life: 7 hours

Weight: 3 Kg

The decision you make, if it is one of these 3 laptops you are sure you are not wrong or rushing. They are very high-quality laptops and have been chosen after studying almost 20 different models that are on the market. These laptops have been designed for those users who are looking for elegance and the possibility to work comfortably with a laptop that does not have a very high price at present.

If the future user of the laptop a young boy and his intentions for the team are to play and have fun, we recommend you read this guide on buying portable gaming. This type of laptops usually covers more the needs of a person who seeks to play long hours with your computer. The price goes up a bit, but there are interesting things below 650 euros.

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