What's New In Facebook Messenger We've Seen It Before

What’s New In Facebook Messenger We’ve Seen It Before

In the field of instant messaging applications, innovation has become very difficult, quite complicated. In the App Store we can find a lot of variety, from the almighty WhatsApp to Telegram, through Line, WeChat, Viber, Facebook Messenger or the native iMessage itself from iOS. Each one has characteristics that make them unique, and many share several. Therefore, adding a new one that is not present in any is an almost impossible task.

Facebook Messenger rivals its sister WhatsApp as one of the most popular. Its main asset is that it is integrated with friends and acquaintances of Facebook, so all the contacts of the social network are in the messaging app. Mark Zuckerberg knows that he does not have it easy, and less with the scandals that he carries on his back, but he does not throw in the towel and continues to improve it with new features such as the dark mode.

The developers continue to work without stopping, and the latest update brings a feature that will be very familiar to the users of WhatsApp, Telegram, and iMessage.

The answers to the individual messages arrive in Facebook Messenger

What's New In Facebook Messenger We've Seen It Before

One of the problems with text messages, especially in groups, is that it is very easy to take things out of context. If care is not taken, a mostly harmless response may become a double-edged sword due to confusion.

To avoid misunderstandings, responses to individual messages have been included. Now, each user will have the possibility to answer a message clearly, since their response will be tied to the reference text of the other person. VentureBeat ensures that not only words can be used, but also GIFs, videos, images, and emoji.

The same function can be found in WhatsApp and Telegram, and to some extent in iMessage, although in the latter you can only express emotions.

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