WhatsApp Payments Could Arrive In Mexico Very Soon

WhatsApp Payments Could Arrive In Mexico Very Soon

In recent years we have seen how the way of paying has changed dramatically. We still can not get rid of the physical money, but we are getting closer to the disappearance of the cards, thanks to the massification of mobile payments and online payment services. These services have simplified our lives in ways that we could not even imagine before, and we are only facing the beginning of what could be a great revolution.

One of the great steps that were taken thanks to the implementation of these services in our society, is the possibility of making peer-to-peer payments or payments between users without the need to use account numbers. Apple Pay, for example, allows you to send money to other users just by writing a message through iMessage, and you only need to be in a compatible country and have a card connected to the service.

To be able to succeed in something as complicated as the payments between users, it is fundamental to have a good community capable of adapting to such an important novelty. A community formed by millions of users who trust in the stability and security of the service. And if there is someone who has this, it’s WhatsApp. For this reason, the subsidiary of Facebook introduced in the past months a more accessible payment platform, really simple to use, so that anyone can pay with just one message.

WhatsApp Payments Could Arrive In Mexico Very Soon

Now, this service of one of the largest instant messaging platforms in the world would be about to arrive in Mexico, months after its launch in India. Everything would depend on completing some agreements with the entities responsible for the regulation of this type of services, but it should not take too long since it seems that there are already traces of the launch preparations in the latest versions of the application.

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