Where To Find The Best Siri Shortcuts For The iPhone

Where To Find The Best Siri Shortcuts For The iPhone

One of the great innovations that came with iOS 12 was the Shortcuts application. Thanks to this function we can perform complex tasks by simply pressing a button or asking Siri. We have seen shortcuts that range from ejecting water from the iPhone to the Apple Watch style until you can jailbreak the iPhone.

However creating shortcuts can be quite messy, if you want to venture, we have an incredible guide to create shortcuts for Siri but you may simply want to download them. Fortunately, there are several trusted websites from which you can download Siri shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad completely free.

Here are the best shortcuts of Siri

There are several websites that have appeared in recent months that are a kind of App Store shortcuts, we can find dozens of them.

How to install a shortcut

Before delving into the subject, it is important to know how to download and save a shortcut on our iPhone. The first of all is something fundamental, download the App Shortcuts App Store. Without it, we will not be able to do anything.

Now if we want to add a shortcut we just have to click on its link, the iPhone will ask us if we want to open it in Shortcuts, we say yes and then it will open the app and we have to click on Get shortcut. That easy.

Share cuts

One of the first Siri shortcut websites that appeared that was also created by the popular developer and editor Guilherme Rambo. We have an aesthetic very similar to the Apple shortcuts app and we have dozens of shortcuts created by several developers along with a brief explanation.

To download a shortcut simply click on it and follow the instructions above

Shortcuts Gallery

Very similar to the previous one in terms of design is another interesting website for downloading shortcuts from Siri. Again we have a brief description of the shortcut and a search engine to find what we want. The good thing is that they have a large community that often publishes new shortcuts.


If you want to find something, it sure is on Reddit. It is one of the most popular forums in the world and has a section dedicated exclusively to the Siri shortcuts of iOS. Anyone can post their shortcuts there for us to download at any time. Probably the one that is most updated.

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