Why Does Apple's Apple Have A Bite?

Why Does Apple’s Apple Have A Bite?

The logo of Apple has remained virtually unchanged since its inception, has only been changing the color. The  has become an icon of the company and a symbol recognizable by all. It is true that it was not the first Apple logo, but it has been in force since its creation in 1977 by Rob Janoff.

The first Apple logo recalled the famous scene of Newton and the apple, however, this first logo did not convince and was replaced by the apple that we all know. This symbol has a fairly simple design, an apple with a bite on the right side. But what does this bite mean?

Throughout these years have appeared various theories about the meaning of Apple’s apple bite, we will try to discover what is true and what is false.

Why Does Apple's Apple Have A Bite?

Myths and legends

The Apple logo has always inspired many legends, such as the company’s own name. However none of them has been confirmed, even some of them have been denied by Steve Jobs himself.

The most popular and popular legend is that Apple’s bitten apple is a tribute to Alan Turing, the British mathematician who managed to decipher the secret code of the Nazis and who played a key role in World War II. He is considered one of the pioneers of modern computing and Steve Jobs is known to have a special affection for him.

Turing was condemned in 1952 for homosexuality and was found days later dead next to a bitten apple poisoned with cyanide. It would be a nice story for the Apple logo, however, it is something that has never been confirmed by the company or any of the founders.

In addition to the legend of Turing, there is another that relates the bite of Apple’s apple with something more technological. In English, the word bite is called “bite”, a word that sounds very similar to computer “bytes”. In addition, the first slogan used by Apple was “Byte into an Apple”, which is related to this legend.

No doubt this other myth could also be a beautiful story about the meaning of the apple, however, it is a story that Rob Janoff himself has denied.

The reality about the bite of the apple

The reality of the apple bite of the Apple logo is much simpler than it seems and it is only something that was included by design, it has no hidden meaning without anything like that.

The designer of the Apple logo has stated on more than one occasion that his intention was “to create a friendly logo different from that of other computer companies. ” Rob Janoff created Apple Apple with simple shapes and in a variety of monochromatic logos. The concept was liked, but Jobs changed the colors to include the colors of the rainbow and thus highlight the humanization of the company.

Why Does Apple's Apple Have A Bite?

In addition, the Apple logo is present in a large number of devices of different sizes. If the apple did not have a bite it would run the risk of looking like another fruit, like a cherry, if the logo is too small. By having a bite the proportions are better defined regardless of the size you have.

The story behind Apple’s bitten apple is much simpler than legends tell. Perhaps a story like the ones above would have turned out to be better at the marketing level, but in the end, it all comes down to design.

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