Will The iPhone 11 Be Cheaper There Are Reasons To Think About It

Will The iPhone 11 Be Cheaper There Are Reasons To Think About It

Apple will present the new iPhone this September as it usually does, however, although we already know almost everything about the new iPhone, there are a couple of doubts that have not yet been resolved. On the one hand, the name, iPhone 11 or iPhone XI seem to be the most likely, but there are other options.

On the other hand, we have the dilemma of the price of the device. Since its launch, the price of the iPhone has not stopped growing, however, this is the first year in which sales have really fallen substantially. Maybe that’s why Apple has reason to decrease the price of its iPhone 11 this year.

Reasons why the iPhone 11 could be cheaper

The competition is fierce at the moment and Apple is quite optimistic about the possible sales of its iPhone 11, Poor that reason perhaps a fall in price causes sales to skyrocket. These are some reasons that could lower the price of the iPhone.

Will The iPhone 11 Be Cheaper There Are Reasons To Think About It

Competition with lower prices

The global smartphone market will fall more than 10% next year according to analysts and the competition is fierce with Chinese brands such as Huawei or Xiaomi with really attractive prices. It is true that Apple always goes their way without worrying about the rest, but it is clear that users are demanding more affordable devices.

The example is at home, this year the iPhone XR is being the best selling of the entire range precisely because it has a tighter price. Also this year Apple itself has already lowered the price and made offers of its iPhone, why not do it from the beginning.

3D Touch removal

All the rumors indicate that Apple will stop including 3D Touch technology in this year’s iPhone that will be replaced by Haptic Touch. This means that these more expensive components will no longer be necessary and the cost could be cheaper.

Will The iPhone 11 Be Cheaper There Are Reasons To Think About It

Cheaper display

According to reports, Apple will use a new type of OLED panel on the iPhone 11 that integrates the touch functions in the OLED panel. These Samsung panels called Y-Octa are not only thinner and lighter, but they would also be cheaper to produce.

The MacBook Air example

The example of a drop in prices on an Apple device is very recent, the MacBook Air has just been updated with new components and Apple has dropped its price 100 euros. On the other hand, the MacBook Pro now offers more features and features for the same price, which may mean that Apple’s strategy is changing.

Will The iPhone 11 Be Cheaper There Are Reasons To Think About It

As we can see there are reasons to believe that a drop in the price of the iPhone 11 is possible, however, we will have to wait until September to find out. No rumor to date has speculated on the price of the 2019 iPhone.

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