With This Trick, You Can Make Snow In The Apple Store App

With This Trick, You Can Make Snow In The Apple Store App

Christmas is just around the corner and Apple has wanted to join with a small easter egg or Easter egg in one of its applications. An easter egg is a hidden function or message that programmers and designers hide in their creations.

As we say Apple has also hidden its own Easter eggs and in this case, we have found one of them in the app of the Apple Store. Not the app store, the application where we can buy Apple devices. It is an effect that causes snowflakes to fall while you are inside the app.

“Let it snow” in the Apple Store

Is about the official Apple app of your online store. If you do not have it downloaded you may have to do it, it is the best way to buy from your iPhone or iPad in the Apple Store.

If you already have it downloaded, or if you just did it, now you can make snow if you follow these simple steps:

Open the Apple Store app that you have downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.
In the icons on the bottom right click on search.
Click on the text box above.
Type “Let it snow”.
Before you give it to look, you’ll see snowflakes falling on the screen

Now you can move freely through the app and the effect will not disappear until you close the application completely. It is a curious effect with which you can surprise your friends this Christmas.

With This Trick, You Can Make Snow In The Apple Store App

We do not know if there are more hidden secrets in this application or in other Apple, for now, this is the one we know. Maybe at other times of the year and with other applications, Apple will hide more interesting secrets within their applications.

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