Xiaomi presents AirDots Pro

Xiaomi presents AirDots Pro, the True Clone of AirPods with Review and Price

Xiaomi is a company that does not stop launching new devices every week. About a month ago we knew the AirDots, a kind of smaller AirPdos but, above all, cheaper. However, these had a slightly different design than Apple’s proposal.

That difference has practically ceased to exist with the new headphones that they have just presented, they have called them AirDots Pro and their similarity with Apple’s AirPods can be seen at a glance. Let’s review their characteristics and there, again, low price.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro Review

The new AirDots Pro, also known as “My Bluetooth Headset Air”, has just been unveiled by Xiaomi and become a serious alternative to Apple’s AirPods. As you can see in the images shared by the Chinese manufacturer, they also have a box or case that charges the headphones.

Xiaomi promises about 10 hours of playback and, in addition, with only 10 minutes of shit, we will have more than 70 minutes of music. These AirDots Pro weigh only 5.8 gr, have IPX4 water resistance and ANC noise cancellation, activate noise cancellation, able to analyze the sound of the environment and vary what we hear.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro Price

And best of all, as always, is its price. They just left in China at a price of 399 yuan, about 50 euros to change in Europe. Almost a third of what Apple asks us for their AirPods, which officially cost 179 euros. Of course, at the moment there is no news that they will leave China, although it is probably possible to get them imported for a slightly higher price.

Again Xiaomi looks at Apple to launch new devices or accessories and offers a price difficult to match, not only for Apple but for any other company.

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