You Will Soon Be Able To Edit Photos On WhatsApp Before Forwarding Them

You Will Soon Be Able To Edit Photos On WhatsApp Before Forwarding Them

The most used messaging application in the world continues to develop new features that will reach all users very soon. If a few days ago we informed you of the arrival of a new feature that allowed you to share the states on Facebook and other apps, today we bring you an improvement that will help you when forwarding a photo on WhatsApp.

According to the well-known website WABetainfo, the latest WhatsApp betas include a feature that allows you to edit the received photos before forwarding them to another contact or group. A feature that should have been included months ago but will come in the next updates.

The new photo editor of WhatsApp with which you will save time

The latest betas of WhatsApp have included a new feature that will make us lose less time when forwarding a photo if we want to edit it. Until now, when we sent a photo we could only send it as it came to us, if we wanted to edit it we had to save it on our iPhone and send it from scratch.

With this new feature that is already available in the latest betas, you will not only save time but also storage space since you will not have to save the photos to edit them. It is probably something that happened to you more than once and you did not understand why now WhatsApp has requested this small bug that should appear in the next updates.

You Will Soon Be Able To Edit Photos On WhatsApp Before Forwarding Them

We hope that the improvements continue to reach WhatsApp, the next step could be the rumored dark mode or “night mode”, although unfortunately it also seems that we will not get rid of the ads, a few weeks ago the way they will be filtered in the application. Remember that if you want to try WhatsApp betas on your iPhone you can do it, it’s a very simple process.

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